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About the game

Cubic Football is the most interesting and exciting of excisting toy soccer games!

 It is designed for playing at home, in schools, caffees, restaurants, hotels, parks, at various festivals and social events.

The movement of Cubic Football is just beginning to spread and calls to everybody willing to join Cubic Football in their country!

Cubic Football is a new toy game, the main idea of which is to imitate real football (soccer) by using square wooden pieces (blocks) which stand for players. 


Cubic Football is "Football in miniature", it follows the rules of real football, with some reasonable modifications. It is easy to understand the rules, interesting and simple to play it. 

It may be played by children ( from approx. 6-7 years of age and higher ), teenagers, adults, i.e. all age groups.

It is developing for children, fosters creativity and imagination, developes skill in hand movements, orientation. Cubic Football is an interesting  game to spend time with friends, it is ideal for children who are single in family. It is a good way to rest, even for adults. 

In a modern world, where electronic games are more and more expanding, traditional toys like Cubic Football have to compete against them to save children eyesight, posture and psychology.

The game involves and develops imagination of  players, allows to recreate atmosphere of real soccer. Variety of possible scenarios (toy national championships, world cups, etc.) allow to collect teams of various design and organize real home championship!

It is a good feature of Cubic Football that it may be played on virtually any flat surface. At home Cubic Football is played on a toy pitch that is spread on a carpet, plane surface of a bed or sofa matress. Out of home the game is played on a table of required dimentions with soft underlay to provide option for high shots. So, it does not require extra space at home.  After the end of the game, blocks are assembled in their box until the next game. 

In Cubic Football, block players kick the ball, like players in real soccer (meaning that various kinds of passes and shots are possible).  

On this web site you may view video, photos, rules about the game, learn tips on playing successfully, join the movement of Cubic Football. As we are awaiting the start of production of Cubic Football, the game will be soon available from the manufacturer, whose contacts you may see on our site too.

The movement of Cubic Football is just beginning to spread and calls to everybody willing to join Cubic Football in their country! Please fill in the "Join Cubic Football" form and express your thoughts, ideas and wishes about the game!

We wish you a pleasant journey through the site of Cubic Football. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.