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One Player

Playing One’s Own Game (Playing Alone)


1. Prepare the pitch for playing.

Put your marked green pitch tissue on a flat bed, sofa, carpet, floor or a table.

Or you may play on a carpet or a mattress itself, without using a painted pitch.

Put your goals at each side of the field.


2. Prepare the teams.

Arrange the players of each team on the field according to their tactical schemes that you choose (4-4-2 or 4-3-3, etc).


3. Play the game.

Play two half-times of 25 minutes each, changing the sides of the teams in the break. Follow the rules of real soccer. Manually move block players, control the ball, organize combinations, shots. At the moment of a shot at the goal, the goalkeeper may not be moved.

Off-sides, fouls, penalty shots, free kicks, corners and throw-ins are present.

To save time, after goals are scored, you may renew the game not from the center of the field but by a kick from a goal area.


4. Keep the statistics.

After the game, don`t forget to write down the score, goal-scorers and best players!


5. Pack your blocks, ball, goals and a pitch into their box.