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Playing in Pairs

Playing in Pairs 


1. Prepare the pitch for playing.

Put your marked green pitch tissue on a flat bed, sofa, carpet, floor or a table.

Or you may play on a carpet or a mattress itself, without using a painted pitch.

Put the two goals at each side of the field.


2. Prepare the teams.

Each of  the human players arranges the players of his/her team on the field according to tactical scheme he/she chooses (4-4-2 or 4-3-3, etc).

There may be no other players in the goal area apart from the goalkeeper.

There may be not more than two defenders and one forward in the penalty area.

Blocks may not stand closer to each other than the width of a block.


3. Play the game.

At the beginning(and after goals are scored) game is started from a goal area with a free kick. To save time, corners are not performed. 

Each team has the right for maximum of 8(or other arranged number) of passes with a final kick at a goal. During an attack, blocks may not change their positions, goalkeeper movement in the goal area is allowed all the time, but not at the moment of a kick at his goal. Positions of blocks may be changed only when a ball leaves the field (for an out, corner or a free kick) 

Each pass is considered successful if after it a ball stops closer to a team-mate than to an opponent. The team-mate makes the next pass(or shot), from the position, where a ball has stopped. The ball is considered lost, if it stops closer to a piece from another team, and this team then begins its attack (from the place where the ball has stopped). If a ball stops in the middle between different players, attacking team continues.

Throw-ins are exercised as a kick from a touch line.

Play for 5 minutes or to reach a certain score, e.g. up to 3 goals.